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Wondering how to become a Face Painter?......

start your very own Face Painting Business? learn a new hobby?

...Learn to Face Paint with CASES FACES in 3 easy courses. Build confidence with each step and become a Professional Face Painter in no time.

Each student will get 1 to 1 training and hands on experience throughout the day essential when learning basic principles and techniques of face painting.

Course 1: Beginners Face Painting: 4 hrs

this course is aimed for those who are interested in learning the techniques of becoming a face painter.

Course 2: Intermediate Face Painting: 4 hrs

this course is a step up from the basic level and we teach more advanced techniques and concepts to further develop your face painting skills.

Course 3: Advanced Face Painting: 4 hrs

this course is aimed towards those who have mastered the basic techniques of face painting and who now wish to further develop towards starting their own business or wish to take their art to another level

If you like some more information or to find out when the next course is available then click on the below buttons.

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